About Us

Tele-Monster Pvt. Ltd is one of the fastest growing company in the Field of Telecom industry in Nepal. Some strategic team hiring policies that covers almost all the geographical areas of Nepal to work in its high diversity(Geographical, Language, cultural) our company performance had been in Plus to some extent.
We are Involve in Survey, Civil Construction of Tower for both the GBT And RTT Sites, DG & Shelter foundation, Electrifiction work for towers, BTS Installation & Commissioning in the Field Of Telecom.

Motivational Background:
When a group of professionals working in various other companies feels the need of reliable vendor/ sub contractor to work in the field of telecom. Some number of well experienced managers various other companies came to bring a new Monster upfront.

Future Vision:
The aim of Tele-Monster Pvt. Ltd. is to be the one of the best service provider in Nepal in the field of telecom. Having developed experience in the field and with huge capital investments we are able to work with the leading service provider throughout the country. Tele-Monster has developed expertise in the telecom infrastructure deployment with its activities ranging from site survey to full time maintenance. Our activity ranges from
• Site Survey
• Construction - including vendor selection, installation and commissioning
• Execution of turnkey project including from Civil foundation, Electrical Installation to technical Installation
• Project Management

We, the people of Tele-monster Pvt.ltd, commit ourselves to the following values executing our tasks and interacting with one another. These values will guide our decisions and influence our thinking.
• Customer first: We give our customers high priority and encourage lasting relationships. We honor our commitments
.• Business success: We strive to continuously improve and grow our businesses to the benefit of shareholders and ourselves.
• Result-driven: We focus on outputs. We deliver quality products efficiently and in time.
• People: We care for our people and treat everyone with respect.
• Integrity, Honesty, Innovative Thinking and Credibility: The corner stones of our values.

Team Work:
Teamwork is our way of achieving success. We encourage constructive interaction and team spirit within and between all of us.